Work on the Ground

Over the last year due to the efforts of a small group of members a huge amount of maintenance and improvement work has been done at the Club. Please walk round to see for yourself but you will note
– new ditch from the scoreboard to the bowling green to improve drainage off the field and ( in future) the bowling green
– felling of three fir trees. The remainder will go in the Spring
– on the bowling green a new wall, new windows on the clubhouse and new roofs
– Repainting the outside of the Club
– New paved frontage to the changing rooms
– Painting of fences and washing of walls
– Signs and posts to avoid vehicle damage on the ground
– More signs soon to bar dogs from the grass
– Painting the car park edges
– Clearing the overgrown areas near the 3G pitches and next to the football container

What can the Club and its members say other than a huge thankyou to those whose hard work has brought about these improvements